Keno Split Tickets

When there are two straight tickets on a single keno card, this is known as a Keno split ticket, play casino game with The two separate tickets consist of two sets of numbers that have been circled by the player. Players should be aware that they are not allowed to use the same numbers for both sets.

Keno Method

The only notable benefit of Keno split tickets is convenience; players can play more than one game on the same ticket or play other games like video poker online. With Keno split tickets, the Keno player can play several games on one ticket. The player splits the ticket by deploying a circle or line to separate the numbers. This method has a disadvantage in that players are not permitted to use the same numbers in both groups. That said, the player is able to play 30 numbers as opposed to the usual 20 because there are two groups of 15.

Splitting Tickets

As long as there are enough numbers that have not used more than once, the player can split the ticket as many times as they like, thus playing as many online keno games as he or she wishes or games like online poker. They should be aware, however, that the more Keno split tickets there are, the smaller the amount of the potential payout. In each section of the Keno split ticket there is a set amount of numbers, and these must be played together. Players are not allowed to mix and match between the split parts.

The Keno split ticket method is useful for people who want a convenient game to play.